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Ok, so all the preliminary stuff is done now. Yay.

Now I'm going to explain my ideas and thoughs, and let anyone interested add theirs to the mix.

Firstlys, their's no point in running LAX when the secret santa is going down, so, for this year at least, LAX will be closed for most of the holiday season. I know, I know, I'm cutting things off ahead of Halloween and Turkey Day; consider it the rigors of joining a new comm. ;)

Secondlys, now is the time to get /your/ ideas and wishes in, so that I can integrate 'em. This extra time between creation and opening can be used for all kinds of brainstorming.

Thirdlys...I'm pretty sure I'll think of a thirdly later. *shrugs* Until then!

This is where you'll always be able to find a blank form, should you need one, and a reference for how to fill it out!

LJ Username:

Are you and Artist or Writer?
Do you mind receiving a story?
Max rating of art?

Please remember to fill this out, even if you're using a canon character!




Anything else?

Consider this how one might fill out the form if they wanted art, or a story, about Stephanie.

LJ Username: saffron_zephyr
e-mail: gryphon _ girl @ adelphia dot net
Age: 22

Are you and Artist or Writer? Artist
Do you mind receiving a story? Nope, that'd be great!
Max rating of art? PG-ish? Nothing that would be illegal for someone of Steph's age.

Name: Stephanie
Age: 8
Sex: female
Height: unknown exactly, tall for her age (compared to the puppets, at least)
Eyes: unknown exactly, possibly brown, like the actress, pink, or blue
Hair: pink

Description: A Caucasian girl with hair in a short, cute hot pink bob. Almost always smiling and happy, and loves to play outside, and dance. Seems to like pink a lot (and purple to a lesser degree) and hearts. Very friendly, very girly. She's the niece of Lazy Town's mayor.

Accessories: Steph wears a short, pink and cranberry striped dress with white, or possibly very pale pink, tights, a purple headband with rhinestones, pink socks and plastic bangle bracelets, and white shoes with pink markings. Also, she sometimes carries a lavender bag with a pink and cranberry striped heart on it, or wears a pink sports outfit similar to Sporticus's.

Personality: A sweet, active girl who's very optimistic and cheerful. Wants to be a dancer when she grows up, and she's always practicing.

Hobbies/Skills/etc: She likes playing various sports and games, especially singing and dancing. Stephanie is very active and imaginative.

Anything else? I'd prefer the Nick Jr. version, like what I described above, instead of the older Stephanie.

Suggestions: I'd like to see something of Steph outside of Lazy Town, say at her old school or with the rest of her family.
So, what's fair game in this thing, you ask? After all, LT is a pretty limited in what you can draw, right?

Well, here at LAX, any sort of visual art, be it 2D, 3D, or writing is permitted. On top of that, you can write about anything or anyone in the Lazy Town 'verse. Fan characters, original characters, self insertions, random bunnies you don't quite feel up to working out yourself, horrible fangirl moments-it's all welcome here.

So sit back, grab some tea, have a bit of fun, and maybe learn something too.
Rules and Guidlines

As much as I'm sure we'd all like to skip this bit, it really is needed, and not just for the moderators' sake!

* Be Courtious, and respectful. We're all adults, or close to it, so be sure to act like one. No personal attacks, no name calling, keep your hands and feet in the comm at all times, no throwing spit balls, say please and thank you...you know all this stuff!

* All art needs to be posted under an LJ cut! It's just polite, and saves friends lists from going to hell.

* Late art will put you on the blacklist, and bar you from participating for at least one round. Exceptions are possible, but only with mod approval.

* Art of any rating and style is allowed-but be sure to take note of your Choosen One's preferance! Anything over R should have a Not Safe for School/Work warning before the cut.

* Off topic chatter needs to be kept to a minimum. Introductory posts are fine (and encouraged!) but there are other comms for talking, even about Lazy Town.

If you feel it's absolutely nessisary something be posted, ask a mod first.

* Have fun, and remember this is only the interwebs, and it's only for enjoyment. We don't need or want anymore hassle than that. :)